Thistledown-3.4%-Five Towns


Barn Owl-4.5%-Cotleigh

Stars & Stripes-5.2%-Rudgate

CORRECTION (if you are into that sort of thing)

At least one person reads this as she spotted the not so deliberate mistake, from last weeks blurb The Mason’s Arm’s is in Norham not Arnham. Not sure if it was my reading or writing or more than likely the beer.


On Sunday on the Fifth Day of March  Malcolm Cometh (AKA Malcolm Bastow  of Five Towns Brewery, Wakefield) with a selection of his beers,some also from North Riding and Black Jack Breweries-oh happy days.


On 28th February February the annual, medieval, no rules(as I can see) Shrove Tuesday Football Match takes place 2.15pm at The Pastures between the two  Parishes of Alnwick

That’s over and out from me.

Back Again to mention as well as our every other Monday Music Night as of  March the first Tuesday will see another gathering of Traditional/ Folk Musicians.

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