O.T.B.T.  York Pride-3.7%-Acorn                                                                                                            Littlemoor Citra-4.1%-Ashover                                                                                                  Ruby Mild-4.4%-Rudgate                                                                                                                   She Sells Seashells-4.7%-Gadds’ (that’ll be interesting after a couple)

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, having had BARNSLEY BITTER 3.8% brewed by ACORN BREWERY on the bar and what a cracking old style Yorkshire bitter it is. Many, many  years ago, when I first  discovered the joys of beer it was Barnsley  Bitter in The Royal Hotel and The Britannia (now closed) in my home town of Scunthorpe.                          Both of these houses were owned by The Barnsley Beer Co and the beer brewed at The Oakhill Brewery, just next to Barnsley Football ground. Now it seems to me in the beer/pub world there are predators and victims.In this situation the victim was The Barnsley Beer Co. and the predator was John Smiths henceforth referred to as The      Devil. Well overnight my beloved Barnsley Bitter disappeared to be replaced with Johns Smiths hand pull. UMmm I thought this is ok but nowhere near as good as the recently  deceased (or at least so I thought). Barnsley Bitter then had a rather chequered story to tell, at one time even being brewed in Lancashire, not a happy Yorkshireman to be found. Eventually Dave Hughes founded Acorn and brought it back to Barnsley. With justified success and awards.                                                                                                                                      Why be thankful to the Devil you may wonder, well it set me off on a voyage of discovery, leaving no beer untasted, otherwise had things been different I would still be in Scunny drinking Barnsley Bitter, but may have kept The Britannia open. My  Top 10 Beers is like my Top 10 Tracks continually in a very pleasant state of flux.                              Then the Devil was devoured by Scottish and Newcastle, which in turn was consumed by Heineken. In yesteryear each town had it’s own brewery or two or three, some to go on to be Regional Brewers, some to go on to be National Brewers, and then this is where it starts getting scary, International Brewers which have in turn spawned, very very frightenly, Global Brewers.AB Inbev + SAB Miller which owns 50% of the brewing of Planet Earth. Consumer choice would be dictated by shareholders but for the Micro’s, who need all the support we can give them. Hic.

MUSIC NIGHT Monday 6th March. Carole and Jamie Robb et al, Traditional Northumbrian Music, a bit of folk and a bit of all sorts. All are welcome with there instrument of choice to join in.

MUSIC NIGHT Tuesday 7th March. An alternative night of  Traditional Music-a critique to follow next week.

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